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The AI we have developed for blinds offers the opportunity to revolutionize the way we live and work. This innovative technology gives the blinds the ability to adapt individually to the needs and habits of the user. By integrating artificial intelligence, we can offer a unique, personalized experience that combines energy efficiency, comfort and safety. The potential of this AI lies in the creation of intelligent and connected living solutions that not only make everyday life easier, but also contribute to a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of life.
The market for blinds is estimated at around $3 billion globally and is steadily growing due to increasing demand for smart home solutions and energy-efficient systems. There are various opportunities in the blinds market, further enhanced by the integration of artificial intelligence into smart home systems.


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Our AI for blinds promises a transformative impact on daily life and work. Tailored to individual needs and habits, it enhances energy efficiency, comfort, and safety. This innovation heralds a new era of personalized living, fostering sustainability and environmental consciousness through intelligent, interconnected solutions.